Some say it's something like they have never tasted before. But like everyone of us, we are unique, and to find out what you think you can only but try. Summer is almost here, which means BBQ season and what better thing to add than some hand crafted rum, to sip away at while the embers burn....


Back in 2015, sitting on the couch deep in thought of our very first BBQ competition on the horizon, with a rum in hand, we named our team Rum and Que. The Que of course came from shortening Barbeque.

It's been quite the journey since then and we wanted to express that with our rum - hence the compass on the bottle! We’ve met so many amazing people on our BBQ journey, and we’ve shared so many great times, in essence that's what this Rum is all about. Sharing good times with good people...


While we love rum.....We didn't know the first thing about making it, one thing we knew is that we wanted to make something that was good, unique, and really loved by our BBQ loving community.

We enlisted the help of our good mate Jonny. This man really does love and has a real passion for all concoctions with alcohol. Once unified in our task we got to work - hard work!

It’s taken hours upon hours of trialling, tweaking, having tasting nights with friends (which to be fair, doesn’t really feel like work!) and having the guts to start again when we weren’t happy with the way things were headed. We’re proud to have been able to incorporate ingredients from our existing product range to create and our very own BBQ flavour into this rum - It really is no mean feat.

A massive thanks to all our friends who had to sit through not your “typical rum drinking” nights, tasting some pretty ugly attempts to come up with something that we think is BBQ liquid greatness.


The first bottle of Rumbo, the first pour and our first taste... back in November 2022. Hand crafted, hand labelled, and uniquely different.

Due to customer demand we have made more of the good stuff so you don't have to do summer without it! You also asked for a bigger bottle, so that's exactly what we've done!


We really hope you enjoy and we see this as a great evolution on our journey, and who knows where the compass will point next. Crafted with love, with sharing with family and friends in mind...where ever your compass takes you this summer, stay safe and enjoy.

Rum and Que Off Licence Rum and Que Liquor - 007/OFF/129/2022


Yum yum yum Rumbo is Yummo!

This flavourful drop is fantastic. A nice smooth smokey start that warms the tongue and goes down smoothly leaving an almost liquorice aftertaste, a very fine accompaniment to the Tomahawk Steak rubbed with Black Out then smoked with mesquite in the offset.

Well done on a fine drop 🍻 Cheers


You have created something very unique

Thought I would drop you a line to say as a big rum fan that's been fortunate enough to sample a very large plethora of different rums. It is very exciting for me that you haven't done what a lot of distillery's do and create a rum that is overly "safe" that doesn't deliver anything new to the drinker. You have created something very unique the closest thing I can compare it to is some of the molasses rich Cuban rums I have tried.

It is non typical of the rums I normally drink, for me it has flavours of marzipan, smoked almonds and cloves like I say not flavours I would normally go for but you have pulled off something unique new and exciting so for me it's been a privilege to try something new and individual.

Keep doing what you do guys you are awesome 👌

Aaron Israelson

Wholly shit balls Batman! That’s goooooood 🤤

I'm getting notes of smoke, spice and caramel in the bouquet and on palette.

From a rum lover it’s a damn good drop that will definitely be in my cabinet in my “Rum and Whiskey” room that will be completed in the not too distant future.

Nigel Lawrence