The Perfect Fried Chicken

The Perfect Fried Chicken


  • Mix 1 part Dirty Bird to 2 parts flour of your choice

  • For added flavour and great texture, soak the chicken in brine for at least 6 hours or overnight


Standard Dirty Bird:
Dip chicken pieces in cold water then into the flour mix, making sure all of the chicken is coated. Place on a rack for 10 minutes to allow the coating to adhere properly to the chicken.


Crunchy Dirty Bird:
Beat an egg or two in a bowl, dip chicken pieces into egg, then into the flour mix, and place on a rack to allow the coating to adhere.


Super Crunchy Dirty Bird:
Dip chicken into egg, followed by flour mix. Using a water spray bottle, spray the coated chicken with a fine mist until moist then back into the flour mix for a final coating. Place on a rack to allow the coating to adhere.



  • Preheat deep fryer to 180c.

  • Place chicken into the deep fryer, avoid overcrowding to prevent chicken pieces from sticking together.

  • Deep fry until the internal temperature of the chicken is 75c/165f.

  • Place chicken on a cooling rack. If frying in batches, preheat the oven to 80c and place cooked chicken in the oven to keep hot.

  • If frying chicken weekly, make sure you walk to work rather than drive!

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