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Ram Rod
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Ram Rod

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Ram Rod is our specially designed rub for lamb, venison and game, the hunters choice.

With a good hit of savoury spice and a blend of herbs that cut through the fattiness of these types of meat. Perfect for lamb ribs, or Sunday lamb roast in the slow-cooker., smoker or oven.

Just sprinkle it on a few hours before cooking.

Ingredients: Spices, sugar, salt, dehydrated garlic, thyme

Customer Reviews

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Such a killer rub!

Used the ramrod on some home kill venison steaks tonight and all I can say is WOW! Flippin' delicious. Highly recommend!

Such a great flavour

I went to a friend's house for dinner, and they served a beautiful leg of lamb. They had used Ramrod as the rub. I couldn't believe the flavour of the lamb, it was amazing. We use it all the time at home now. I love venison and the rub works amazing on that too.
It's a staple in our house.
Nice work Rum and Que!

What a seasoning!!

WE first found this in our Food box last year and ever since we have used this not only on lamb and venison but steaks and chicken. Such a beautiful blend of herbs and spices that just make the meat sing!!
My son does some hunting, so we are lucky to have a steady supply of venison, and we only ever use this rub.
The only way to make this better is to use the UMAMI Port and Black Garlic sauce as a little finisher.

George Baker
Very Surprised On Flavor Levels

I wasn't holding high hopes for this rub, as past other branded lamb rubs where much to salty and quite generic. Ended up picking up a shaker in mitre10 as a last minute rush. However to my surprise, the end result was amazing on a rotisserie lamb leg. This rub is not like the generic rest ive tried!

I will 100% be using this going forward and will be buying some for friends.


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