Swift Pork Ribs

Swift Pork Ribs


1 x rack of meaty St Louis Pork Ribs. (We always use Swift Ribs)

Rum and Que Ribrocker Rub

Rum and Que Meat Juice BBQ Sauce

Rum and Que Slap it On Mustard Sauce (optional for use a binder)

¼ cup of apple juice

20g of butter cut into 6 even pieces.



Smoker or indirect BBQ (We always use Oklahoma Joe Bronco)

Charcoal (We always use Heat Beads lump or briquettes)

Good quality foil (We always use BBQ War Aluminum foil)

Instant read thermometer

Your favourite fruit wood (We always use apple wood)

Paper/kitchen towel




  1. Remove ribs from packet and place face down on a clean chopping board so that the rib bones are facing up.
  2. Using a piece of paper towel, begin at one corner of the rack of ribs, lift the membrane up and hold it tight with the paper towel in your fingertips. Begin to peel the membrane back in one motion until it has been fully removed. You may need to have a few goes at this if it tears. Using a butter knife can sometimes help get a corner free enough to grab. Once removed, throw the membrane in the bin. By removing this membrane, the ribs will be much nicer to eat.
  3. Using a sharp knife remove any loose bits of meat or any un uniform looking meat.
  4. Turn the rack of ribs over so the meat is facing up and trim any fat or loose bits of meat.
  5. Turn the rack back over so the bones are facing up and spread a thin layer of mustard over the bones (skip this step if not using a binder) and sprinkle an even layer of Rum and Que Ribrocker to the rack of ribs. Allow the rub to set on the ribs (about 10 mins)
  6. Carefully turn the rack of ribs over, being careful not to disturb the layer of rub, and apply the binder and rub to the meat side. Allow the rub to set.
  7. Leave the ribs in a cool place on the countertop away from the sun and begin to set up your BBQ. (Do not leave the ribs out of the fridge for more than 1 hour)
  8. Depending on what type of smoker you are using, set the smoker up for indirect cooking and bring the temp up to 275-300f (135c-150c). Add some wood chunks for flavour and allow the smoker to burn until a thin blue smoke appears. White puffy smoke will give a bitter taste to the meat.
  9. Once the smoker is up to the correct temperature, place the rack of ribs meat side up onto the grill and close the lid. Leave them there for about 2 hours or until you have a nice deep mahogany colour. (Try not to open the lid too often, as this will result in longer cooking times).
  10. After 2 hours, or once the ribs are just the right colour, remove them from the smoker and place on a clean surface.
  11. Tear 2 pieces of foil that are longer than the rack of ribs and create a double layer. The double layer will help protect holes in the foil from the bones in the rack of ribs.
  12. Place half of the butter on the foil surface evenly spaced out (no wider than the rack of ribs), pour 1/8 of a cup of apple juice over the butter and then apply a thin layer of Rum and Que Ribrocker over the juice and lay the rack of ribs meat side down on the butter and juice.
  13. Repeat the butter and juice layers on the bones side of the rack and then another thin layer of Rum and Que Ribrocker on top.
  14. Fold the foil around the rack of ribs, being careful not to pierce the foil and wrap tightly so no steam can escape.
  15. Place the rack of ribs back into the smoker meat side down, so the ribs can braise in the liquid.
  16. Ribs will be done when they are probing nice and soft (about 210f/98c) between the bones.
  17. Once the ribs are nice and soft, remove from the smoker and place on a heat proof surface.
  18. Open the foil and using a brush pour a layer of Rum and Que Meat Juice BBQ Sauce over the bones and brush so it’s even.
  19. Remove the ribs from the foil and place the ribs back to the smoker meat side up.
  20. Brush the meat side of the ribs with Rum and Que Meat Juice so you have an even layer and continue to cook for 5-10 mins or until the sauce has become tacky.
  21. Remove ribs from smoker, slice and serve.

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