Mash potato 

Ok so we’ve all grown up on mash potato and to be honest its not that hard to make.

But there are good ways to make it and there are better ways to make it.


Firstly - Grab yourself some decent potatoes. In NZ or Australia, we use the brushed ones also called Sebago, great all-round potato’s and great for mashed. If in the USA, use Russet or in UK the Maris Piper are also great.


  • Peel your potato’s and get a pot of salted boiling water ready.

  • Chop the potatoes into even chunks, normally quarters work fine. The more uniform the pieces the better the cook.

  • Add your potatoes to the boiling water and place the lid slightly ajar on the pot to help steam escape.

  • Cook the spuds until tender. Drain the water once cooked and here comes the magic!

  • Plug in your electric cake mixer. I guarantee this little electric mixer is the answer to your mash dreams!

  • Add a tablespoon of butter and a splash of cream, yes thats right cream! Some salt and pepper to taste, or why not hit the pot with some UMAMI. Both garlic butter and truffle butter work a treat.

  • Then work that electric beater until the potato is creamy. You might need to add more cream if it’s too dry. And that’s it! The creamiest most silky smooth buttery potato mash you’ve ever had.

The Gravy

Now there’s loads of recipes using the leftover chicken juices from the pan of a roast chook.

The problem we have here is, we don’t actually have any leftover juices or a chicken carcass so what can we use?

Just hit the pantry for some stock cubes. I know this may not be the most exciting gravy to cook, but trust me when I say, this quick and easy recipe is so tasty and just like the chicken, is ready in minutes!


1 x Chicken stock cube

1 x Beef stock cube

1 x 500ml of boiling water

60g of salt reduced/unsalted butter

4 x Tablespoons of flour

½ x Teaspoon of onion powder

¼ x Teaspoon of white pepper of finely ground black pepper

A pinch of celery salt, or regular salt to taste.


  • Crumble and dissolve stock cubes into boiling water.

  • Melt the butter in a small saucepan over medium heat. Then add flour, pepper and onion powder. Then mix for about 30 seconds until the roux forms.

  • Add the stock cube liquid slowly to the pot while whisking.

  • Once all of the liquid is in the pot, stir with the whisk until it’s smooth and fully combined.

  • The liquid will go thick quickly. If it’s too thick have some extra hot water on hand to thin it out, only using a teaspoon at a time.

  • There you have it! A simple and quick tasty gravy without those pan juices!


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