Ham Glaze - Tips and Tricks

Ham Glaze - Tips and Tricks
1 x Cooked half or whole ham
1 x Rum and Que Ribrocker 
1 x Rum and Que Ham Glaze
1) Use a sharp knife to remove the rubbery outer skin from the ham. Be careful not to take the white fat underneath with the skin.

2) Once the skin is removed score the fat down to the meat in a criss cross pattern. 

3) If using Ribrocker, apply a thin layer over the white fat. 

4) Place your rubbed ham into an indirect smoker or oven at 180c/350f and cook for 1 hour.

5) After 1 hour apply a layer of Ham Glaze to the ham, making sure you leave at least half of the contents of the jar (half ham). Or use the entire jar for a full ham.

6) If using a half ham then apply another layer 1 hour later. 

7) Cook ham till internal temperature of 55-60c/130f
(about 3 hours depending on size) 

8) Carve and serve!

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